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Bikes: Columbia Trail Head RM AL 6062 Transformation Mode, Schwinn Classic Cruiser, Myata Grand Touring 210
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Mountain Bike in Transformation Too.....?

Hey Bike Dudes & Dudettes: New Guy from Cali (Silly Con Valley) signed up a couple days ago made my introduction earlier. Iím Skullman just getting back to Bikes after a 15 month hiatus from a Motorcycle wreck. The Cruiser & Touring Bikes arenít working for me.

I picked up a used Columbia Trail Head Mountain Bike RM Series AL-6062 that Iím transforming in to a Bike I can Ride comfortably. 14Ē Ape Hangers cause I canít bend over from injuries right now. I rode a friends Giant Mountain Bike he converted to what I would call a kinda Mountain, Comfort, Hybrid, Cruiser!?? I was surprised how comfortable it was to Ride!

So Iím trying the High Bars and Iím attempting extending all the cables myself. I hit the LBSís around me with my plans they all say they have done conversions like this! I got lots of suggestions from them on what to do as well as wanting to sell me what they could.

I held off on most of what they wanted to sell me which was a good thing! For Example the Solten 9Ē Rise Deviant BMX Bars and Bonrager Satelite Inform Grips were a $110 dollars I found the same online with a coupon for $34 plus shipping. But I ended up going for the Apes. The same bars were $79 at LBS and $24 online! Grips $24 at LBS & $7 online! I figure with money saved Iíll let the LBS handle labor I canít do.

Iíve looked through the forums but I canít find where I should be posting or if there is even a specific Forum for this kind of conversion or customization? So Iím posting here.

Anyone here convert their Mountain Bike or any type Bike for Comfort & Ease of Riding like this? My friend with the Giant has put over 10k thousand miles on his Bike converted like this! Heís got a Rear Kevlar Road Tire like a Slick down the middle with some water shedding tread on the sides. Iím thinking of doing the same if this works out!

Iím considering LED Lighting as I will be doing Night Riding. Iíve read some in the Forum havenít decided yet but Iím thinking Cree LEDís with Battery Pack enough for 4 to 5 hours of Riding.

Other Accessories; Mirrors, Rear Lighting, Digital Speedometer/Odometer, and I got this Rear Rack to install that a Top Bag Locks in to. Have to consider Lock and Cable and maybe another bottle attachment? Oh Yeah, I saw these seats with Back Rests anyone using one of these? I spoke to a couple folks that have em and swear by them!

Hereís Photos of what the Bike looks like now. FedEx will be here this week with some of my parts others are coming via USPS I will post as I change the Bike out.

If anyone can guide me to Specific Forums I should check out that would be Great!


Columbia Trail Head Mountain Bike RM Series AL-6062 21.5 inch Frame, Avenir Seat, 21 Speed Shimano ALTUS Derailers,
OMNI 191C7 Front Suspension Fork RST Design, Disc Brakes

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Flying Merkel
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Bicycle Mechanics is a good place to get specific answers. If you don't know where to post, stick it in Alt bikes. Walmart has cable sets for around $6.00. Extending cables is easy.

I got back into cycling after a nasty motorcycle crash to build my knee back up. That was 18 years ago. Converted a MTB to a all-arounder myself.
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Retro Grouch 
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Just do it! That bicycle's job is to make just one person, out of the whole world, happy. Make it into whatever you are imagining.

1. A bicycle is a simple machine but the devil is in the details.
2. You can almost never change just one part on a bicycle. Most of the time when you try to change just one part, you find that you have to change something else to make it work. In your case, if you put on handlebars with too much rise, you may find that you need tandem length cables for the rear brake and derailleur.
3. Even if you screw it up you can always put it back to the way that it is now or even find another bike and start over.

Originally Posted by Skullman View Post
My friend with the Giant has put over 10k thousand miles on his Bike converted like this!
So you already have someone experienced to give you advice. Just do it. If you get stuck, post again.
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Join Date: May 2013
Location: Silly Con Valley
Bikes: Columbia Trail Head RM AL 6062 Transformation Mode, Schwinn Classic Cruiser, Myata Grand Touring 210
Posts: 13
Thanks for the replies! Flying Merkel looks like you have experience converting a Bike just like this and those injuries we have to deal with after the wreck! Your right not that difficult to swap out cables!

Iím finding that out already Retro Grouch! Iím seeing things I want or may want to try on this Bike! My Friend has been Great for inspiration and enthusiasm but his mechanic skills arenít the greatest. Most of the work on his Bike he has had done by the LBS.

OK, So I changed out the MTB Bars for some Sunlite Classic Ape Hangers & Avenir Comfort Grips for that more Comfortable Stance, Grip and Ride!

Also, I switched out the Standard Stem for a BMX Stem for added Strength with the high bars.

I also Re-cabled using the Rear Brake & Shifting Cables up front. I purchased a Long Brake Cable when I purchased Bars and swapped it out to the Rear Brake.

Iíll be going to the LBS later today for an Extended Cable for Rear Derailleur. I need one more Spacer for Stem and Iíd like New Bearings to swap out for Both Wheels to be on the safe side.

Iím getting close to my goal of a more comfortable Riding Stance so I can utilize the Bike!

I acquired an Explorer Rear Rack with Quick MTX Bag that Slides on and Locks on for my Tools, Gear & Batteries for Lights. Install when mechanics are complete.

This is going to be a Great Conversion Set Up for Minimal Dollars! Iím into the Whole Bike and Accessories for less then $140 so far!

I want to add the Pin Spike Style Pedals so I wonít slip off and Iím thinking maybe a Sunlite Back Rest Saddle for lower back support.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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The Recumbent Quant
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There are MANY MANY mountain bikes that have been successfully converted. As you suggested in your first post, get rid of the knobby tires and put on slicks. That will make a huge difference in speed on the roads.

If your fork doesn't have a lock-out, you may consider swapping it for a rigid fork at a later time (front suspension can be very lossey with your some energy going into compressing the front fork instead of propelling the bike forward).
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