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    Speedplay pedals - road vs. MTB

    i have a few pair of the Speedplay Frog MTB pedals and have been using the Frogs on my MTB, commuter and road bike... i love them and i'm looking at getting another pair b/c my original pair from a few years ago with thousands of miles on them finally broke.

    my question is: does anyone know if the Speedplay road pedals (X3 or whatever they're called) share the same cleat as the Frogs so i can use the same shoes/cleats for both pedals? also, what's good/different about the road pedals? would you recommend trying the road pedals or sticking to the Frogs for all my bikes?

    info: for my recreational riding i am on the mountain bike about 80% of the time, sometimes doing training on the road bike, a few long road tours and an occaisonal criterium or time trial (triathlon, although not this year)
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    I use the Speedplay Frogs on my road bike, for about 3 years now.

    There is also available the X3, X2 and X2 Ti, the Frogs have a Ti version also.

    I wanted the cleat in a MTB shoe for easier walking, plus the Frogs where $50 less and a meesly 50 grams more than the X3.

    Although I think the X3 can be a recessed also (not sure check it out first) but I know you can buy cleat covers to protect your X3 cleats while walking.

    The X3 DOES NOT share the same cleat as the Frogs. The X3 is smaller (more clearance when cornering) and lighter than the frog, but only 50 grams I think. Also the X3 has requires less heel out to release than the Frog.

    My opinion?
    If your racing for money as a living, any advantage you have can make a difference - get the X3. If you race for fun and fitness or recreational ride. The ability to walk normally is a bonus, plus you can interchange on your MTB bike.

    When these wear out I'll be getting the Frogs again....

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    To be as succinct as possible No. Frog system and X series
    are not compatable. And the new Zero pedals are not
    compatable with either of the two older systems.
    For more information check here

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