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    Denver reCyclery bike cafe` (pics!)

    saw this as i was meandering along after visiting the taste of colorado. east 14th ave and ogden.
    stopped in for an iced tea. there is a walk-through wall to the bike shop (outside entrance to it, too). the shop is small, but has bikes to sell, used parts and a mechanic on duty (a tip of the hatlo hat to the auto service stations of yore that had signs up that read m o d). the mech said they are opening a second facility near uni denver soon.
    i didn't get my iced tea. tables all taken with laptop users, the bar had bike frames with crippling seats that like to done a job on my spine. one creative idea- there was a rim sideways on the bar and attached to the bar with bottle cages screwed to it and rotated. put the drinks in the cages. dunno whether waitstaff used it or serve yourself.

    the menu didn't have much appeal for a carnivore. sorta like a starbucks.

    i did see a flier for a non-profit that delivers food by bike in the 'hood using trailers. looking for volunteer delivery folk. says just to bring a bike, and they also want vols to hit the shops regular for almost out of date food. if they don't have a trailer to issue me for the day i can probably use my squeaky new larger- than- my- old panniers. sounds to me useful, and if i get a trailer to use it will give me experience in towing, hopefully without tearing it up or causing a 300+ car pileup with 'naners alllllllllllllll over the street!
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    Sounds like a great idea tho.

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