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    Marin Muirwoods 29er - Worth $300 obo???

    Hey everyone. My brother is looking for a used bike to commute to work. He showed me a bike on craigslist that he is interested in. It is a Marin Muirwoods 29er. He's thinking of looking at it tomorrow and giving it a test ride.

    Just wondering what the value of this bike is? I'm having a hard time finding solid info about Marin bikes in general. Any help?

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    "High performance super light"


    That bike's all steel with wide tires and discs,I would not call it 'super light'.

    The stem and bars have been replaced. The fork was either replaced or just painted. Sounds like he replaced the wheels as well. All the 'high performance' stuff is pretty much him trying to make the bike sound better. They're decent bikes,if it's in good shape,and doesn't need anything(chain,tires,brake pads,wheel trueing),then that could be a fair price. Would def ask what's up with the fork;did he just paint it,and if it's not stock why he swapped it.

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