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Thread: Car Racks
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    I have fond memories of my old V4 '68 SAAB 96, had a simple roof rack, for 2 bikes

    an X upright had a screw hook that held a frame tube , and the wheels were in a long sheet metal gutter/tray.

    straps held the wheels down ..

    but the OP is in the Lexus class , not the single payment basic Swedish, compact , range of vehicles.

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    I have had my bike ripped off my roof before which is another reason to go hitch. A garbage truck hit one of the cable lines on my street and pulled it loose from the house so it was hanging just low enough to hook my bike. I of coarse didn't notice and and blammo goodbye bike lol. It ripped the Thule feet off my car denting it above the doors, twisted the Thule bar, destroyed my Yakima front loader bike tray, dented the roof of my car above the rear hatch, and magically only bent the rear wheel on my bike. The cable company's insurance took care of everything but it was a PITA dealing with them.

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