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    Is $699 a Good Deal for an Ultegra 10 Group?

    STI Brake/Shift controls, Bottom Bracket, Caliper Brakes, Cassette, Chain, Crankset, Front Derailleur, Rear Derailleur, and cable kit.

    So, is $699 the lowest right now? I would post a link but I am really curious about how many
    people are going to take this retailer up on it.

    email me at:

    tvphobic AT yahoo DOT com

    I will send you the link PRONTO.

    BTW, I don't know the retailer personally, it's just
    a store two towns away.

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    If someone was looking for this just on its own. its probanlly a fair deal. if you are looking to 'piece' together a bike look at the comparison below:

    Sources ( /

    Group Shimano Ultegra 10 $699.00

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