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Old 05-24-02, 09:20 PM   #1
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Cycling in the movie Snow Dogs.

Just saw the funny movie Snow Dogs on DVD. In the first part of the movie it shows a team of road cyclists riding through Miami, training you would assume. They appear to have the Volks Wagon logo on their jerseys. I thought that was pretty cool.

The movie is about a dentist, Ted Brooks played by Cuba Gooding Jr., that is told he is adopted. His biological mother lived and died in Alaska, and thats where he was born. The mother who adopted him told him this. In the movie he is so stunned by the news he just starts walking to the beach and one of his practice partners catches up to him.

But there is a extended version of the same scene that you have to access from the bonus materials in the menu on the DVD. And it involves the VW road team. In his stunned dazed Ted Brooks wanders out into the street as the VW road team is headed right for him. All of a sudden you hear "look out!", "move out of the way!" Some of the riders miss him and just go on by, but others hit their brakes all of a sudden and do spectacular endos on their road bikes, just barely missing him as he walks on by. He just keeps on walking and you see a glass company van almost hit him and slide sideways to a stop then a car hits the van and glass shatters every where. At this point you can not see any of the VW team anymore. And they were not hit by either of the vehicles or the glass. Still it was a cool stunt that was seamless.

I doubt anyone who saw the movie in the theatere saw the extended scenes. And I also doubt that anyone who rents it on VHS will see it too. But maybe. DVD's, the only way to rent movies.
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Old 05-24-02, 09:36 PM   #2
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What a wild coincidence. I JUST finished watching Snow Dogs with my family and then logged on to BF.C and saw this post. Wow, that is eerie.

Ya, I noticed the bicyclist too - but mostly I noticed the babes on the beach.

Folks, don't get too excited, we are talking about 1.5 seconds of bicycling. There are absolutely zero bicycles in the rest of the movie.
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Old 05-24-02, 09:47 PM   #3
Amir R. Pakdel
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This reminds me

I saw this really stupid commercial of an allergy medicin or something like (I'm not really sure what the hell it was).

It had two popular rap stars (redman and someone else) doing a very a "humorous" and "illusrative" expremint.

Here is what they did:

They had this long cloth stretched across the road. and a group of road cyclists were coming from pretty far away. I'm not sure how they missed the cloth, but they went into it with high speed and shoot back like a sling.

Once again, i dunno what the hell the commercial was about.

At the end the cyclists start running after the rap stars... again I'm not sure how the hell because from what I saw they were all wearing clip-on shoes.

This brings me to my point: There should be a law against stupid commercials.
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Old 05-24-02, 10:37 PM   #4
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Redman and Method Man. I like some of their music, especially the latter's. But yes, there are some seriously stupid commercials on TV. Or maybe its just TV.

Hey, why not stop watching as much? What a thought.

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Old 05-24-02, 11:40 PM   #5
Amir R. Pakdel
Raised by beavers.
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I don't watch TV that much at all.
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Old 05-25-02, 05:52 AM   #6
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The commercial was about deodorant. The cyclists are the bad odor and the rubber cloth was the deodorant! One of the worst commercials i have seen!

LOL i guess its not that bad. . .
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