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    From wreck to new crosser.

    Hey there bikers. I'm new here, so until I get my profile properly setup there's not much info on me, sorry.

    I've recently acquired a new bike, a proper rack that I got for next to nothing. The poor unmaintained sod has a carbon frame that I think was meant for a MTB/hybrid bike and a single 26" back wheel from Shimano. It spots a 3X7 speed Deore LX group set (at least what I can see through the grime). The frame, single wheel, and front/back derailleurs and centi brakes seems to be in good condition, though the shifters are broken.

    The wheel is a Shimano rim with the nibbles on the hub instead of the rim. Can't see any model name or number? Anybody got any idea of what it can be?

    My plan was to strip, clean and salvage as much as possible and build me a hack-together cross bike for fun/commute. I just dunno where to start!

    I got two plans:

    1, is to upgrade as much as possible with new stuff. 700c wheels and Campagnolo Veloce group set. As much of it that I can get to fit the frame at least :-) But I ran into a problem there, the centi posts are made for 26" wheels, though I know that Mavic made an adapter bracket MTB->700c. But that is apparently discontinued and impossible to find. Is there even space enough to fit a 10 speed cassette in the frame?

    2, it's a budget project so salvage as much as possible. Find another (possible used from same series) front 26" wheel, fit a Shimano Tourney 3X4 shifter/brake, new tires, cassette and chain, clean-paint the whole thing and be done with it. I'm a little uncertain about using 26" wheels for anything other than MTB?!

    But anyone have a better idea/plan of action? Advice are much, much welcome since this is my first rebuild project :-)

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    I vote for plan 2.

    You have a frame that was designed for 26" wheels. If you decide to change them you're going to find all sorts of other stuff that you have to change. You've already figured out about the brakes. I'm betting the 700c wheels you find aren't going to be wide enough to fit the dropouts either. How about cable routing to the front derailleur?

    Everything on a bicycle works together. Whenever you change one part you almost always have to change something else to make it work. The most frustrating thing about a budget project is the feeling that you keep needing just one more $25.00 part to make it functional.
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