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    Expression "Don't get off your bike!"

    From Michael Quinion's World Wide Words e-newletter 22-Mar-2014:

    Warren McLean cited the Australian cautionary phrase don’t get off your bike meaning “don’t lose your temper”. He added, “It used to be fairly common here in Oz but I haven’t heard it for quite a while.” The written record confirms it’s fallen out of use. The most recent example I can find is as the title of a TV programme in May 1986; the Australian Women’s Weekly in 1974 noted that it was even then an outmoded expression. It seems to date from the 1920s, since the earliest appearance I can find is in the Mirror of Perth in May 1923: “We believe you, Doug! Don’t get off your bike!”

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    Sound advice. It doesn't matter who is in the right or who is the wrong the outcome is better FOR YOU if you don't get off the bike unless you have to defend yourself or someone else.

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