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Old 03-21-05, 12:52 PM   #1
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Ebay question...

What is it with Ebay sellers?????/
The last 2 out of 3 sellers wouldn't leave a feedback... I paid fast, left them rave reviews, one even said he WOULD leave a feedback and never did... now they won't answer the occasional email i send asking them to leave a feedback.... I've decided NOT to leave anymore feedbacks unless they post one first..... I thought this is how the whole ebay thing was supposed to work.... you trust who you are going to do biz with based on their ebay feedback....
Oh well, not that big of a deal but since I've been buying bike stuff lately on ebay I've noticed this...
rant over,
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Old 03-21-05, 01:02 PM   #2
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I've had folks not leave feedback for what seems a long period
of time. Don't sweat it.
If you need x number of positive feedback for a given item contact the
seller and explain the situation.

Sono più lento di quel che sembra.
Odio la gente, tutti.

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Old 03-21-05, 01:05 PM   #3
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Tell me about it, i spent over $1200 on a bike i purchased on ebay, sent my payment in right away and i still can't get a feed back.
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Old 03-21-05, 01:20 PM   #4
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They'll eventually get to them. I've recieved feedback from people even after a couple of months. Most are simply lazy .... I believe you have up to 3 months to leave feedback..?
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Old 03-21-05, 01:21 PM   #5
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I usually don't worry about them not leaving me feedback. If you do send an e-mail to a seller about feedback, do it only once. I have read stories in the ebay forums on sellers leaving negative feedback after receiving numerous e-mails on leaving feedback.
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Old 03-21-05, 02:12 PM   #6
la vache fantôme
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Heck i know the other day my feedback went to 91, i looked a it was from brake levers i got 2 months back! They get to it
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Old 03-21-05, 02:21 PM   #7
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I am bad about leaving feedback. I always get it left but it certainly is not high on my list and sometimes takes awhile. When you are selling a lot of items, it is task enough to get everything, listed and then keep track of everyone who has/hans't paid and then ship accordingly.

I am much more concerned that the guy gets the product in good shape than him getting the feedback. Like i said he always gets it, but when time is limited, the feedback waits.
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Old 03-21-05, 02:28 PM   #8
the dog ate my earbuds
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The feedback thing is overrated. It's only needed for problem sellers/buyers. If you did what you were supposed to do, sent/received your items, then what more needs to be said. What shall I do with my 192 positive feedbacks - proudly include it in my resume?
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Old 03-21-05, 02:37 PM   #9
cab horn
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Yeah, ebay really needs to change the system.
I don't really care about all the good transactions, just need to know that they are there. The rep feedback page should show only neutrals and negatives.

Honestly, we don't need to see pages of "GREAT EBAYER A+++++" etc.
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Old 03-21-05, 02:54 PM   #10
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I've probably got about 20% of all the feedbacks I could have. After a certain point, nobody really cares anymore, they get the idea. In the beginning, it's tough because not everybody might leave feedback but if you just keep at it (or just ask everyone who you deal with), you'll eventually get a respectable number of positives. Might not get a star next to your name or whatever, but enough for people to know that you're not inexperienced or constantly flaking.
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Old 03-21-05, 04:35 PM   #11
la vache fantôme
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well, i believe some of these larger sellers have a program that automatically leaves feedback. I know when i was buying parts for my computer I got feedback from w or 3 different peoples the second after i payed so thats the only conclusion i come to. I always leave it though, many folks like it so its not like im selling 20 items a day. Once i past 10 feedbacks I stopped caring about my own.
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Old 03-21-05, 11:45 PM   #12
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People are just damn lazy. I appreciate the sub 15 seller whom needs to get thier rating up.
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Old 03-22-05, 01:05 AM   #13
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Like said above plain laziness.. I am a powerseller on ebay and leave feedback once someone pays for an item.. A lot of sellers will wait until the buyer leaves feedback so in case it's a negative they can retaliate... I find this really petty.. Some sellers will do all there feedback once a week or month especially if they have lots of auctions.. The best is to email them directly and not through the ebay email service and just tell them you are trying to build up your feedback, most sellers will repsond..
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Old 03-22-05, 05:19 PM   #14
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The way I run my ebay auctions is that as soon as I recieve payment for the item, I leave feedback. It makes sense this way, as the buyer's end of the deal is complete.
The item is usually shipped the same day as payment.
I have had all of my buyers leave me postive feedback promptly using this method, so I guess they appreciate it as well.
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Old 03-22-05, 05:43 PM   #15
la vache fantôme
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Yea i always leave feedback as soon as i recieve payment. I hate it when sellers wait for the buyer to leave feedback, thats crap.
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Old 03-22-05, 07:21 PM   #16
Videre non videri
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How can you have that much to sell?

I've been racking my brain trying to find things I could sell off, but I rarely buy things I don't need, so I could only come up with two old camera lenses.
Combined worth around $60-$70 or so.

I have CDs and books, but I don't want to sell any of them.
Same thing with old magazines.

When I'm done with school, I'll have a few books to sell, for something like $150-$200. But that's all!
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