Hello world!

My girlfriend and I have just embarked on a 6-month cycling tour around Europe and my Shutter Precision PD-7 dynamo has died! I tested it on my commuter for 6 months and it was fine, yet the internal clutch mechanism died in the first 200km of our trip! Basically, the dynamo now only engages sporadically as the clutch slips and grips.

Anyway, long story short, I need to get a new wheel built. I'm keen to go for an SP PD-8 (SP 8 series dynamo hub) as I've also had one of them, with no problems. We're presently in Italy but Google can't find any SP retailers. By July we'll be in Germany, so I thought Berlin would be my best bet for a good wheel build.

Does anyone know of a good Shutter Precision retailer and wheel builder in Berlin?

The plan is to organise the build in advance so they can order the part in, ready to lace into my rim when I arrive.

Thank you internet! Your help will be much appreciated.

P.S. I have already searched this form for a range of key words and found nothing