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Thread: Acetabular tear
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    Acetabular tear

    Wondering if anyone has had the same expirence I've had.

    I'm 18 years old, and I got an excercise bike this December (it was my first time riding in several months due to an ankle injury). I went a little harder on the bike than I probably should have and ended up with a hip/groin pain.

    I assumed it was a muscle strain and left it alone for a few weeks. It didn't get any better and I started noticing a clicking and locking in the hip. I went to the doctor and let him hear the clicking. He took an x-ray and said the clicking was from worn down cartledge. He said I developed an arthretic condition and that continuing biking would be good for me.

    I tried doing so and the pain just came back. So I went for a second opinion. I let him hear the clicking, and he took an x-ray as well. He said the same thing as the first doctor and told me to continue biking. I didn't trust him and had to ask him twice before he finally ordered an MRI. He got the results back last Friday and told me they confirmed his arthretic diagonisis.

    I didn't believe him again so I went and got a copy of my MRI report. One of the lines read: "There is tearing of the anterior superior labrum. There is reactive marrow edema in the femoral head adjacent to the area of cartilage loss".

    From what I read on google, labrum tears are consistant with the clicking and locking I get, and that the condition would continue to worsen with activity unless repaired. I have an appointment with the Hospital for Special Surgery on Apr 15th, but was wondering if anyone had a similar expirence with these tears.

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    I have not had this experience, but I think you are smart. Keep searching for the answer til you find it. Doctors, even the best, don't know everything. If you want an excellent first-hand account of the right way to handle an illness or condition, check out "It's Not About the Bike" by LA.

    He sought more than one opinion. Found the treatment plan that seemed best. Stuck with the plan. Got social support. And came back. Good luck!
    Dead last finish is better than did not finish and infinitely better than did not start.

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