I went out riding with a friend today in DuPont St. For.The weather was great trails were ggot my new shock dialed in perfect. We crusing along and my bud stops and says he hears someone yelling. Then we hear the rescue squad rolling in. Turns out some guy had with a bike had slid down Bridal veil falls. It's a lng solid rock fall with room size boulders at the bottom.They were trying to ride down the side,its doable when the waters down but we just had a bunch of rain!It would be kinda like riding greased bowling balls.Luckily he only broke his wrist but if he had slid into the right place they would still be looking for him.It seems some people leave there brain in the parking lot. Getting out can be dangerous enough as can riding but I wonder about some people.If you have ever seen Last Of the Mohecans,the waterfall they walk under is where he slid from. Here is the only pic I have of it, you can only see a small part of it in this pic.
This happens every year around here.