I am one of the organizers of the Hazon Cross USA Jewish Environmental Bike Ride. We are looking for more riders ... you don't have to be Jewish to join us. This is a 10-week ride from Seattle to Washington, DC. Riders may choose to have their gear carried in a van, or they may carry their gear.

To cross the USA, join us from June 6th, 2012 to August 18th, 2012.


What if you don't have 10 weeks in the summer of 2012? Then join our ride in Minneapolis for a 5-week segment, from Minneapolis to DC. We have other shorter segments available (1-3 weeks). Start your ride in Minneapolis, Chicago, or Pittsburgh.

The ride is a fundraiser for environmental causes.

We are going to be eating vegetarian, kosher food only, and observing Shabbat. An important principle for us not only to show what can be done on a bicycle, but also to demonstrate that kosher food can be more sustainable and more healthy. Imagine how healthy you can be after 10 weeks of cycling and eating a healthy Hazon diet.

We are also very inclusive ... all levels of Jewish observance from interfaith fellow traveler to observant and Orthodox will be welcome and will feel comfortable in our community of cross-USA riders!

Howard Metzenberg