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    Dairyland Dare Lodging Offer For Bike Forum Readers

    I am a bike forum member that has mostly posted in the touring forum-last Fall my wife and I biked across Wisconsin and had a great time. I am managing a project in Mineral Point WI that is the renovation of a 15,000 square foot stone building called the Walker House. This property includes nine inn rooms that I would like to offer for riders in the Dairyland Dare. The rooms are quite nice, but do not have private bathrooms. I would like to offer a great deal- $95 + tax for two nights lodging, a full breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning and a $10 gift certificate to the Brew Pub across the street. I think that this will be the best deal for lodging you will find, and is located about 7 miles from the start in Dodgeville. Also, any touring or road cyclists that want to stay in the area are welcome. I have found the cycling community very helpful to me and would like to be able to use the Walker House to connect in some way to anyone interested in cycling in this beautiful area of Wisconsin. You can call/email me for more information, Randy Larson phone 608.575.8592 or email

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    I'm sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I hosted some folks for this years DD. I hauled rock to the Walker House in the 70's for Ted Landon; he hired locals to move all that stuff around. We had folks at the Brew Pub, in my parents' house, in Darlington, Dodgeville, and Barneveld.

    You're right, you had the best deal. We all connected via the Classic & Vintage thread .."anyone up for some pain in SW Wisconsin in Aug...." and had one member on a 1933 Freus do the 150K, ending up with an after-party at Tony's.

    I'll save this info. Any idea when the restoration will be done? I'm so sorry we missed this, because we could have all stayed there.... The stone area is really coming along in Mineral Point, and we're all coming back next year. My goal next year is 40 C&V members, but we accept all comers, even FIB's.


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