It isn't often that my two great loves (biking and dancing) intersect, so I thought I'd pass on some information about a performance I'm doing about bikes:


tuesday, october 23rd
8pm show
bryant lake bowl theater
6 dollars, 5 if you are a student
presented by catalyst

a few short dance movies made live, right before your eyes.
you see it performed, you see it filmed. you watch the film.
you can tell us what you think. you can even be in one.

it's fun.

performance and film contributions from elliot durko lynch, mad king thomas, james everest, melissa kennedy, jason jaglo, randy kramer, chris mckinley, catalyst, the ra ra ra's and the yoyoyo's.

so far, the show includes drums, bicycles, bikinis, AND butterflies.
i don't know why you would be anywhere else.

Hope this isn't terribly inappropriate to post but let me know if it is and I'll take it down. Hope some of you can make it out to the show. Biking + bikinis = awesome.