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    Daddy has a new pair of shoes

    And man they are fast. Well maybe there not any faster but they sure look fast.

    I had a chance tonight after work to do a quick little ride before the rain hit, so I went and tested the new shoes and pedals. The pedals are definitely much tighter than my old eggbeaters (as expected). Clipping in and out was also very easy and came with no effort. The shoes did feel funny to walk on (my first road shoes) but who walks on them, I ride. Now comes the exciting part WOW are they comfortable. My old shoes were nice and not cheap either but WOW these things really are like slippers. As far as stiffness they are stiffer than my old ones but my sub par legs could not tell the difference. Did I mention how comfortable they are.

    Now for the stats are they any faster. I did a out and back along the lake that I often do when I have no real time to ride. It is VERY flat and normally pretty fast. Well I did not have time to do any warm up as the rain was coming and quick. My legs were also still feeling my solo century from this weekend and there was also a stiff cross wind that made it hard to compare to other rides. Not making excuses just giving the facts. As far as faster the speeds were normal but the watts were up so either I was scared of a cold rain or they are faster. It did rain not five minutes after I got home and hard.

    Data Value Unit
    Duration 0:47:00
    Sampling Rate 5 s
    Cycling Efficiency 21.4 %

    Energy Expenditure 674 kcal
    Number of Heart Beats 7533 beats
    Recovery -58 beats
    Minimum Heart Rate 103 bpm
    Average Heart Rate 160 bpm
    Maximum Heart Rate 172 bpm
    Standard Deviation 9.4 bpm

    Minimum Speed 3.2 mph
    Average Speed 19.8 mph
    Maximum Speed 28.4 mph
    Distance 15.5 miles
    Odometer 509 miles

    Minimum Cadence 63 rpm
    Average Cadence 97 rpm
    Maximum Cadence 119 rpm
    Coasting Time 0:00:55 (2.0 %)
    Coasting Distance 0.1 miles (0.7 %)

    Minimum Altitude -22 ft
    Average Altitude 7 ft
    Maximum Altitude 66 ft
    Ascent 200 ft
    Descent 203 ft
    VAM 255 ft/h

    Minimum Power 99 Watts
    Average Power 239 Watts
    Average Power (0 W incl.) 234 Watts
    Maximum Power 417 Watts
    Pedaling Index Average 16 %
    Pedaling Index Maximum 36 %
    Left Right Balance Average L50 - 50R Left - Right
    Left Right Balance Maximum L73 - 27R Left - Right

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    Lookin good!

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