Weather is starting to break, so it's time to start planning some more rides. Just before the "season" (there is no season, right? ) started coming to end, we were able to get two rides in. This was done primarily as a counter to some issues that sprung up during some Monday Night Rides (seems to be our version of the Critical Mass issues) and the follow up response on the local message boards. This was an attempt to offer a proactive and positive response and hopefully encourage some good riding within the boundaries of the law. We stopped for every red light and traffic control, used hand signals, kept it fun and made sure no one was dropped.

I'm shooting for something mid-March to get this going again. Still working on routes. We've kept these around 10-12 miles with the idea of hopefully getting some new cyclists involved.

You can read more here and here. Latest info on the last pages.

Send me a PM if interested so I can keep you informed.