Finally it was going to get warm. The weather man said it was going to get up to 56 degrees but the wind was going to be strong 20 mph out of the south gusting to 35. Its all good I thought, the last couple of days have been long rides and my trainging partner dosnt get off work untill 2. Thats cool a nice easy recovery ride.........Then the text came. it simply said.

Good day for the Cinelli.

Up untill this time he had been riding a old mtb fitted out with semi slicks. and I had bee riding a cross bike fitted out with full fenders and a rack. Heck I was still running cross tires on it.

Oh God this is going to hurt. I head for the basement trying to do a quick 30 minute tune up on my my 5200. I knew the day would come when I wanted to ride this bike but I really thought I would have time to get it ready to go. Oil the cables enough to get it to shift good some oil on the chain. Air up the tires and make sure there is a spare tube in the seat bag. And that was all I had time for.

On the bikes and almost straight south out of Orrville. Full into the wind none of the right left tacking like a sail boat. No just face into it and hammer you legs off. No quarter an hour of that one right turn go 3 roads to the west and turn North. 30 minutes to get home from where it took us an hour to get.

I hope everyone elses first warm day ride was as good as mine. Im going to go grab another beer and curl up in a corner and pray that my quads stop screaming.