Looks like a strong turnout expected (at least 4/5) for the Burham Crit on 3/28 in S. Beloit

Hi all,

Due to popular demand we at Burnham Racing have decided to open up a second Mens Cat 4/5 category (the Killer B's) at 8:15am for this year's Spring Super Criterium. Having registered for either the Cat 5 or Cat 4/5 waitlist you were automatically moved to this new category. No action is needed on your part but you will need to pay your entry fee the day of the race ($25, or $10 if you are already entered in another race).

However, if you do not wish to be entered in this race please let me know as soon as possible and I will place you back on the original Cat 5 or cat 4/5 waitlist(s). Also, if you still want to try and get in either the original Cat 5 or Cat 4/5 races if spots open up, you will need to sign up on the waitlist(s) again. Sorry for any inconvenience, but you are now entered in the first race of the day.

Thanks for racing the SSC and we'll see you in 3 weeks.