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    Keep your eyes peeled for me...

    I'm from Toledo OH here and I'm looking for vintage touring bike... something in the likes of a Miyata 610 or even better 1000.

    I really just need a frame and would be willing to pay for shipping for a decent frame... anything with double eyelets in rear, eyelets in front, cantilever mounts, chromoly steel, even frames for 27" wheels! Here's a list of the ideals:

    58-62cm frame (58cm top tube max)

    Miyata 210/610/1000 (or any variation of those.. 215/615 etc...)
    Univega Specialissima/Gran Turismo
    Nishiki Seral/Continental
    Trek 520/620/720
    Raleigh Alyeska/Kodiak
    Fuji Touring Series
    ...or anything comparable. I'm really looking for a 1980's Japanese made frame.

    I realize this may be an annoying post... but if you see something... shoot me a PM. I have been searching ebay/craigslist/pawn shops for over a year to no avail and I really want to do some touring by the end of the summer. I figured a thousand eyes are better than two.


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    Pm sent.

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