Yup, it is that time. Start Wednesday, April 25, 2012.

5:30pm registration opens

6:15pm first race goes off

To start, we will just have the 30 minute scratch race followed by a 16-20 lap points race. Sprint for brownies, beer, socks, or thongs (MJH2's favorite).

Once the daylight last's a bit longer, a few weeks, we will start with the Cat 5/beginners (those with less than 10 mass start events).

ABR sanctioned event, so you will need to have a valid 2012 ABR membership. You can purchase a daily for $10 or an annual license for $25. If you are thinking about racing, live in or around the Chicagoland area, head on out to West Chicago (just south of the DuPage Airport) and race with us. It is a super nice 0.8 mile oval course with 1 turn. Race with people of all ages and abilities, and even some times a local pro or 2 will show up and burn your legs off for the fun of it.

It is a wicked safe setup, and we have only had 3 crashes in 3 years (2 by the same guy in one night, once by himself, and then again where he took out his entire Bicycle Heaven team). Great place to learn riding in a group, getting in a great workout, and learning team tactics.

http://www.abdcycling.com/events/wednights.html has more information as well as how to get there. Come on out, suffer with everyone, then enjoy an ice cold beer (that is if I haven't drank them all before the night ends)!