I don't mind riding on the roads when I'm in a group. Solo trying to negotiate space with the motor vehicles makes me real nervous, so it's nice to find a good ride that's all on paved bike paths.

This ride is just shy of 40 miles and has some flat rail-trail sections, a lot of rolling hills, and one good sized hill (good sized for lower Michigan, anyway).


I'm not sure if this Strava map will be visible, but just in case, here is a link to that map:


This is a beautiful ride. About 90% of it is park land with plenty of wetlands and wildlife for the observant. The remaining 10% amounts to nothing more than the trail running between some backyards in a residential neighborhood coming out of Volunteer Park, a pass through a city park and along about a quarter mile if city sidewalk in central South Lyon. You'll encounter a busy intersection at Pontiac Trail before the climb over Garbage Mountain (a capped former landfill), a brief run past another residential neighborhood coming off of the WB descent of Garbage mountain, and a final busy intersection at Kent Lake Road & Grand River just before ducking into Island Lake Recreation area. From there all the way to Milford through Kensington Metropark it's all park & wetlands.

This has to be my favorite ride in the area.