We spent the last few days along the Root River trail in southeast Minnesota. The biking was great. The Root River trail and the connecting Harmony Preston trail were lush and mostly shady in the heat. During the week early in the day you could go for miles without seeing anyone.

The days were hot and humid and it stormed every night. Every day the Root River was higher. Last night nearly 5 inches of rain fell and the river overflowed its banks, causing a lot of damage. We were in our rv in Lanesboro at Sylvan Lake park. I really didn't like the park but we were too lazy to move. I am glad we didn't move to either of the two other parks in town. One along the river by the dam was evacuated in the middle of the night. Now it is part of the river as the dam over flowed. The other park (Highway 250 Park) was mostly evacuated but I understand about 50 rvs and trailers remain in the water.

This morning I rode down the trail and could only get about a mile out of Lanesboro before it was flooded out. It was a sad ending to a wonderful few days of cycling.

We left for the Elroy Sparta trail in Wisconsin and now are in a campground in Wilton, awaiting the next storm.