Hi I was looking to do a nice little ride of maybe around 30-50 miles depending on how i feel after the initial 30 miles along the north side of oahu starting from more the central part of oahu. I need a ride fairly early in the morning hoping to start off at around 5:30-6ish. Can give gas money ($10-$15) or whatever, i will be bringing my bike with me of course so it needs to fit in your truck/car, its a smaller frame. Im only 14 but its all cool with my mom and all, she just cant drop me there because she works early. Give me a call at 808-359-8730 or email me at ezraortiz@gmail.com by tomorrow night. THANKS!

P.S. Doubt someone wants to ride with me or take me along but if they do i usually average about 25-35 kmh depending on if its flats or what, dont want to be holding anyone back... But if i can get a ride that would be awesome. Oh and I am a very unatractive 14 year old for all those pedophiles out there, plus i know kung fu, that was a joke but you know... anyway THANKS!