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    moving to hawaii in feb.

    I am moving to Hawaii in February on the island of Oahu. been planning for awhile and in September i will be buying a one way ticket. I'm thinking of going car free, using a bike mainly, will buy a moped probably once i secure employment, as i will have my rent paid up for 4 months and money for everything, including a bike. but anyways, just thought i would say hey and introduce myself i dont know anyone in hawaii. i do have one question though, well two, is living car free doable on Oahu, and should i get a fixie, cause i've been wanting one for a while, or should i just get a road bike or what kind? thanks in advanced for the advice.

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    Hi--Just happened to see this--

    Car-free is very do-able here as the bus system is the best in the country. I would recommend that you wait until you are situated before trying to decide what kind of bike to get. If you are down in the flatlands it's a lot different story than where I am, with steep hills all around. Actually, you are never very far from hills on Oahu!

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