HI! My name is Jude. I started touring on Jan. 15th from Los Angeles. I am only 18 years old but have been into cycling since I was 13. I am about to hit Phoenix in less than a week and wanted to know a few things... First being a good Bike shop or Co-op to go to; second, Are there any group rides out there or Bike Polo groups; and third, Places to camp and/or take a warm shower?

I am taking myself to Louisiana, my home state as a kid, then Oklahoma, Missouri, Memphis, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida Keys, Then up to Maine via The East Coast, back down through the Great Lakes to Chicago, then through the North to Seattle and Back to L.A. via the West Coast.

I won't be on the computer often so if you have info that you feel is very important for me to have or that you care to share privatly please contact me at 626-340-3899. [B]THANKS!!!!![B]