I have no idea how active this board is (the last-posts in some of the threads isn't too inspiring!) but since in exactly one week from today I arrive in the UK, I thought I would create a thread!

My tour plans are the following:

12-day LEJOG
4-day LLC (Lon Las Cymru)
18-day Tour of Ireland

I will be starting the LEJOG on August 16th. It will be followed by 3 days of rest before starting the LLC on September 1st, jumping straight into the Ireland Tour right afterwards.

I have a blog here: www.cyclowanderer.wordpress.com where I have posted some thoughts and 'training' rides. Chances are, I will be keeping it much more up-to-date then on any of the forums I am on.

I encourage people to follow my blog. I encourage people who live in the areas I will be riding through to come out on join me - even if its for a few miles - as the LLC and Ireland legs will be done solo and camping.

If you are or plan on following my blog, please let me know as well! Its encouraging to know if people (outside of family) are reading it and will give me greater incentive to post!