Hey guys!! We're making a documentary about an epic bicycle tour going from Los Angeles all the way to Rio! I love reading all the other blogs and touring posts on this site so i thought i would keep you all updated with ours here as well. We leave September 31st so i really don't have that much to post just yet, but I'm certain this is going to be an incredible experience! We're also excited about some of the clever tech we'll be bringing on the trip to make a full blown documentary out of a 6 month tour, something that (for me at-least) hasn't really been properly captured before, but thanks to the advances in technology and solar we can make it now!

Four of us will be setting out from Los Angeles on the morning of the 31st of September and i'm excited to keep you all updated!

You can also check out all our prepping and previous posts at www.ridetorio.com and www.facebook.com/ridetorio

Here's my bike, it's completely ready to roll now! I'd be happy to post my packing list which i've insanely extensively researched

Andy and I have crossed America already but we wanted to get out and do something a little more off the beaten path. I'm totally committed to making this documentary as inspiring, funny, crazy and filled with adventure as possible, and if you have any suggestions for it please do let me know! We're going to be setting each other silly challenges along the way (like seeing who can eat the most Jalepeno peppers in various mexican restaurants on the way down) so if you have any ideas please do share them!