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Thread: The best rides

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    The best rides

    Did you ever notice the when you just don't think you feel up to that 10 or 20 mile ride but say screw it & do it anyway. It turns out to be some of the best rides you seem to have
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    I have thoughts

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    Yeah, maybe.

    I went to Cleveland to check out the college and family and took my bike. I only had the hybrid and it was set up with drops and barcons.

    On the way up, we stopped in NC where I went looking for a ride and used the fire road to get to old 40 and back. That was great fun for a flat lander like myself, and the bike handled beautifully.

    Once in the cleve I went riding outta van aken looking for the indoor soccer facility and got turned around somewhere. When its started to rain I was hold up at under the front of a bank where I hung out and had a lefty. When I was comfortable again, I headed back out and ended going through shaker, little italy and into downtown.

    After I got to tower city, where the RTA hub is, I found out that I couldn't take my bike on the train. So, off I ventured in the general direction of where I'd come from. This was back in '95 and I didn't have a cell and the family was actually waiting patiently for my return so as to go out for dinner.

    When I returned and related my story over dinner, the relative we were visiting seemed surprised and impressed that anyone would do that sort of thing for fun. For me it wasn't epic or anything, but its great way to get the feel for a new place.
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