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    Orbea test ride: need help in Bike ID

    I test rode a used Orbea Hybrid bike this past weekend. The seller didn't know much about the bike or the model and I couldn't find the model on the web. The bike looks like an early model of a Diem but I have no knowledge about Orbea bikes at all. It had a Black frame with silver Carbon forks, 9 speed Tiagara RD and Tiagara FD, Vision/Random Headset group, Shimano cranks and chainwheels, Shimano Rapid shifters, Mavic CXP 22's, Avid Single Digi5 brakes,a Cadence Seat Post, short flat bar and had Bilabo City on the test tube. The bike probably weighed no more than 22 or so lbs. I looked up the Bilabo City model on the Orbea and other web sites and the bikes with that model name sure weren't like the one I rode. This thing was light, smooth, and very fast. I told the seller I didn't know anything about the bike at all and he said: do your research, it lists for $2199 America. Obviously I'm not going to pay that. Maybe I shouldn't pay anything at all since I think used carbon can be really dicey.

    Anyhow, I can't find any info on this bike. As mentioned above it looks something like an early version Diem. Can anybody offer any info? Much appreciated and thanks.
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    i am not familar with other models but i know the current diem is an entirely carbon body and it comes to about $2200 like you mentioned. the wheels are shimano wheels... the one you saw sounds like a custom build someone must have put together - based on the mavic wheels...

    sorry, i dont really have too much info on them.. how about calling orbea?
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