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    Need help with a hybrid

    Ok, so my friend is selling his hybrid (used ofc) for 60bux. This is the Raleigh "sport" hybrid.. I don't know the exact model number, but here is the link to a place that has a picture of it:

    I saw the bike today and it looks like it was in decent shape.. just a bit dirty and looks like it has been through the rain.. but what I noticed was it was for people who are 5.9ft-6ft, I didn't check the frame size.. I am guessing it should be 18inch? I am 5.8ish and I've been riding around a 16inch bike for the past year... so I am wondering if this new bike would fit me?

    Ok, I know that bikes from CT are bad but I am on a VERY strict budget.. he wouldn't even go lower than 60... I wanted at least 50 but it was a no, no.

    So I am asking, if I should do it for 50? This bike would retail as 299 for brand new.. so I don't know if I should buy it or not..

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    Find out if it fits you before you do anything.
    How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

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