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    Kalamar Decision

    Hi, all;

    I bought a Diamondback Kalamar today. I've been looking for a hybrid/comfort type of bike for casual riding. I'm not a hardcore bike guy at all. I wanted something pretty comfortable for fitness as well as getting groceries, going to the bank and just generally getting around town. Nothing major, probably no rides over 10-12 miles. I like the idea of leaving the car at home for errands within 4-5 miles. I've never been comfortable on a road bike and I don't really want a MTB with a suspension fork and fat tires.

    I settled on the Kalamar because my budget is severely limited. It was the best I could acquire within my price range. It was comfortable when I test rode it and I truly enjoyed spinning around the parking lot for 10 minutes.

    Now that I'm home, though, I'm wondering if I've made the correct decision. Will I hate this bike in a year? Is it too low-end for even a casual user? I'd like to ride 3-4 times a week for fitness at least, plus a couple errands here and there. Are 7 gears too limiting? Will I be destroyed by moderate hills?

    I guess I'm wondering if this bike will satisfy me for a while. If I really dig riding I'd obviously like to upgrade a couple years from now. What I don't want is to get fed up with the Kalamar in a few months and wish I'd gotten something else.

    What do you all think? Should I return it and just wait longer till I have more cash and can get something more expensive? Or will this be good for awhile? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    Thank you.

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    So after owning the bike for few months now, what is your opinion on it? I am looking to purchase the same bike and would appreciate your input.


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