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    Buying a hybrid, disc brakes and hub gears?

    Hi all first thing first I'm a novice, looking for a hybrid for commuting and light recreation.

    I'm struggling to narrow my choice because I like so many, however I can exclude quite a few I only look at those with disc brakes and furthermore those that don't use a rear derailleur but hub gers which I've read can help the chain last much longer and require less maintenance?

    Can anyone please reccomend if this is the best thing for me to do is go with these components?

    This leaves the following four bikes in my price range, in my order of preference (looks only):

    Any advice will be very greatly received.

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    If these are what you like - go and ride them. Find the bike that feels the best to you. That would be the bike you like the best - and would ride the most. And look for reviews written by those who own them - not by the company that is selling them. Admittedly I have no experience with any of these models - or internal-hub hybrids - and can't say what the pros & cons are. But I'm sure someone will come along and advice you on the better models. But the advice to ride any/all bikes you are thinking of before you buy transcends all types of bikes.

    All the best & happy cycling!
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    When it comes to disc-brake hub gears, Shimano Alfine is probably best for everyday commuting . The Rohloff 14 gear is much stronger and more durable with a wider gear range but it is 3x the price. I have used my Alfine on a Dahon Cadenza 8 for 1 1/2 years with no problems.
    Good Alfine bikes include
    Giant Seek 0
    Merida s-presso i8
    Charge Mixer
    Kona Dr Fine
    Cube Hooper

    Avoid bikes using a sprung chain tensioner (like a rear derailleur)
    make sure the bike has eyelets for rack and mudguards
    Be aware that standard rear disc mounting can interfere with rack and mudguard fitting. Chainstay disc mounts are out of the way.

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