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    Red face replacement for dawes 601

    Hi guys,
    i am new to the forum and must say its a very very good forum !

    I have a dilemma that hopefully you guys can help me with.

    I use a Dawes 601 bought in 2004 new and its been used every other day for all this time and not missed a beat (despite me not having looked after it at all) about 4000 miles.

    I mainly do road riding (although uk roads are rubbish) but do also very small amount of very light offroad (ie dirt paths) with occasional up and down curbs.

    I have found over last few years i have gently tried to get the bars higher on the 601 to aid more comfort.

    Now, i was thinking its time to replace and went to the bike shop and saw a 2010 7.5 FX (the one with red tyres) and fell in love with its looks, the ride was good but not massivelty better than my old 601. Now i am worried as i am not 100% sure whether to go for something more comfort fit.
    I am nudging 6ft and average build and found the 22.5 inch seemed more comfortable than the 20" - less agressive - so slightkty confused on size too as some people would say 22.5 is to big for me.

    Any help and advice greatly appreciated.
    oldgit !

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    I would not think the 22.5 would be to big for you, though fitting is a very individual thing.

    I am 5 11, with a 32 inch inseam. I own a 7.3 FX, size 22.5, which fits me very well.
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