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    Crosstrail - long rides

    I'm looking at getting a crosstrail. Either an elite or a comp. I test rode the entry level crosstrail for about 20 minutes and enjoyed it very much. Anybody take this bike out for long rides on a frequent basis? I'd be very interested in the opinions of people who own a crosstrail and routinely ride it in the street for several hours at a clip. Thanks.

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    I have an '08 Crosstrail, and ride 30-50 miles almost every day. Some rides quite a bit longer, without issue.

    Brooks B-17 to sit on, bar ends for more hand positions, clipless pedals, and Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires - 35 on the front, 40 on the back.

    It does very well.

    (P.S., try to trade off those oem TIRES before you buy it - they suck, big time.

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    Hi, I love my Crosstrail. I have the '08 with the disc brakes. I just got new tires put on. I got Kenda ? and they are 700 x 50. They look cool. I used to do all of my long rides on it. It is very comfy. I even did a metric on it in '08. I have since got a Tricross and a Salsa Casseroll SS. So my long rides are now on those bikes, but my Crosstrail still sees plenty of action pulling the kids on the trail a bike and it has become my do it all weather wise bike. I highly recommend the Crosstrail to anyone looking for a hybrid. It is quite versatile.
    Have fun.
    PS I sort of liked the tires that came on the Crosstrail.(Boroughs). I just wanted to save a couple of bucks this time around.

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