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Thread: tyres

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    Hi everyone

    Need some tyres for me Dawes 601 2004
    Not sure what the originals where as its all rubbed off but
    found em pretty good.

    Any suggestions / recommendations for tyres.
    Need something with a bit a grip for small bit off roading / mud paths etc
    Also getting some V8 pedals for my FX7.5, anyone have any other suggestions as
    not so keen on the looks, ie bit bulky, any recommendations ??

    any help appreciated people


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    this is what came stock on my bike:
    Kenda Kourier Tire 700x35
    they were fine but not fast. they were great around the campground and fine cycling with my kids on paved bike paths. they were OK commuting but they were slow
    then I got these:
    Michelin City Trekking Tire - 700 x 32
    they were faster and great for commuting. they even worked fine around the campground on hardpacked dirt and sand. still fine for paved bike trails with the kids. I put a lot of miles on these
    then I got these to go even faster cuz they are higher pressure and smoother and I love these tires. I have them on three bikes, and these are going back on my commuter in March
    SpecializedAll-Condition Armadillo Tire (700x28c)
    for the winter with the ice and all I put these on:
    Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded Tire 700 x 35
    they are slower but they are great in the snow and ice. I use them at max pressure and when there is snow over an inch I lower the pressure a little
    some folks really like this touring tire without the studs and I would think they would suit your mixed needs very well! :-) the 700x25 might be quite sweet in fact! narrower than the others, high pressure for great rolling, some durable tread for trails at a slightly lower than MAX pressure!
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700c
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