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    Long time, no posting

    Hey everyone (well for those that remember me

    I am gearing up to get the bikes out of storage and making sure we'll be ready to ride once the snow/ice is gone. I'm sure we could've rode anyways but

    A. Slushy wet tires in our apartment and
    B. I'm a total spazz enough just walking in snow/ice (Yep I fall a lot)

    I'll be switching the rear rack on my bike and finding a rack or fender thingie for hubby ( he has a Specialized crosstrail sport so I'm trying to find something that will look/work well with it)

    I really cant wait to be able to ride again

    I hope everyone has had a great winter/holiday etc

    My Bikes:
    1978 Raleigh DL-1 "Eliza"
    '07 Specialized Globe City 7.1 "Serenity"
    2010 Pashley Princess Sovereign "Mina"

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    Hello, good to see you back, I am also getting ready to break out the bicycle again. Just a few more weeks for me now. I ride during daylight savings, I fear plow trucks in the dark on country roads. I am itching to get out on the road though.
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