I almost bought a 09 Trek Soho for a good price last night while cruising CL. I texted the guy and almost pulled the trigger because I have been wanting a single speed for a while.

I then started really thinking about it and not just wanting. I have a Specialized Sirrus that is basically the same bike but with gears. I thought, why would I want the SS Soho when I have the same thing more or less but with the advantage of multiple gears for when the going gets tough? I can just put my Sirrus in one gear and leave it there if I want a SS.

So after a lot of thought, I didn't see the point in getting a bike that was basically the same as my Sirrus but with only one gear. If I didn't have a Sirrus and only road around town, I could see the appeal but the gears are great if you get tired or find yourself in a headwind (or tailwind) or hills.