Finally the roads are mostly clear of salt (rainy weekend, went wine tasting while it rained!) so today I got up early enough to get 7 miles in on my '09 Sirrus. Felt so nice to have the Sirrus under me rather than my '80s Schwinn Woodlands. Its much more responsive and more predictable, too. Not to mention...faster.

Yes, I know..only 7 miles... Well my legs are out of cycling shape and so are my lungs. I had plenty left in me, but I have to work at 3pm, I cant be completely out of it, I work in optics!

The Specialized Lock-On ergo grips that I bought (like ergons) sure stay put much better than the non lock ones the bike came with. I think one moved a little, but stayed put after and was comfortable. The stock grips would move so far in a few miles I was constantly twisting them back every 3-4 miles.

This is the year I am going to rack up some miles on this bike. I only had it since late august last year, and fall was rainy and I got more into kayak fishing. When I had my Allez I would ride 15-20 miles normally, depending on when I got out of bed. I plan on getting up to the 15 mile loop I used to do, its a nice scenic ride through the countryside