my fuji absolute 2.0 is a flat bar road bike so the handlebars are very low when i keep the 120 mm stem at 10 degrees. i am flexible to reach the low handlebars. however, i feel i have more leverage to brace myself when braking with higher handlebars. i want to keep the stem angle at 10 degrees but install ugly riser bars. i want (1) at least 60 cm wide (2) 2" rise (3) chromoly (4) some sweep (5) reputable company. bontrager hi-rise fits the bill! i'm worried that it's only 9.99. i use my bike to climb steep hills at the park. i'm hoping that even if the chromoly bar bends it won't fail suddenly. i'm pretty sure that my fuji oem stem has a 25.4mm clamp but am not sure. maybe i'll call my lbs or fuji to confirm if they can.