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    Scott Sportster?

    I have joined a work C2W scheme and am having great difficulty ordering a bike.
    On the advice of an experienced road cyclist in work I planned to order a Hybrid. It was a Boardman bike and was set up much like a road bike without the drop down handlebars. I was then advised it was not great for commuting and that I should go for something a little more comfortable so I decided to order a Boardman Mountain Bike and put slick tyres on it. I've gone form Boardman as I need to buy from Halfords and that seemed straight forward enough to me. However, I am 6ft 6 and these bikes are not really big enough. I was advised by the guy in the shop that they can order in anything and that I should go and have a look in Evans, round the corner. I've now found some Scott hybrid bikes that I like the look of.

    My commute is about 8 miles mostly on road or cycle paths but I'd also like to go out with my 5 yr old on his bike so a road bike is not suitable. Does anyone have any experience of the Scott Hybrids and can you advice me of the difference between the different models. My budget for the bike is roughly 700 but I can stretch to the bike at 800. I'll just need to find some extra cash for accessories. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    This link takes you to the varioos Scott Hybrids.

    I would be interested in the following.

    Scott Sub 20 2010 Hybrid Bike
    Scott Sportster P2 2010 Hybrid Bike
    Scott Sportster P2 Solution 2010 Hybrid Bike
    Scott Sportster P3 2010 Hybrid Bike

    Alternatively. If you can advise anything else I should consider.

    I like the Sportsters that I saw in the shop as they are clearly not set up like road bikes. They look more like mountain bikes but would be considerably quicker.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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