I love spending time outdoors and biking for leisure and I was hesitant whether I should buy a comfort bike or hybrid. But I live in Southern part of Lancaster, PA and we have the most beautiful countryside with hills, so I need a bike that would not kill me going up the hill.

I am deciding between Crosstown 3.0 and Detour 3.5 because that way I can redeem my Amex points, and save some cash for other family needs.

I'll post the descriptions for the both bikes (which doesn't tell me much, cause Im not an expert ) and please feel free to critique them or compliment

"Fuji's Crosstown 3.0 is a good choice for commuting, having fun and riding around town. Fui's Altair 1 aluminum frame is light and offers an upright riding position for amazing comfort. Plus, 21 gears are at your fingertips to keep you spinning easy up hills and back down again. And for extra comfort, the ergonomic seat and suspension fork and seatpost absorb all the bumps in your path. And the fenders make this bike great for all weather conditions.

* Fuji Altair 1 aluminum frame
* Fuji Comfort suspension fork
* Shimano Acera/Sunrace FDM34 components"


"Raleigh's Women's Detour 3.5 is all about real fun, genuine value and taking the long way home. The aluminum step-through frame is strong and light, while the comfort saddle provides cushioning when the ride gets rough. A Shimano 21-gear drivetrain, quick 700c wheels and reliable linear-pull brakes make this bike easy to handle whether you're cruising down the road or bounding up the gravel path. All Raleigh bikes will be custom sized for each recipient. "

--- The problem with Fuji bike is that Amex rewards have restrictions: # Product specifications are subject to change without notice and all product orders are subject to availability.# We reserve the right to substitute items of greater or equal value.
# We will ship the model pictured or the most current comparable model available.-- So, this basically means that I can end up with 15" bike, if that's the only one they have in stock at that time.. But I am 5'7 female, so I believe I would need at least 19" size bike, right???

Thanks for your input and taking your time to help out a newcomer..