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    Trek FX 7.2 - $295.00 - Good Price?

    I am interested in the FX series. My wife has a 7.6 and finds it comfortable and zippy. So zippy in fact, I find it difficult at times to keep up with her on my Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike.

    So, the N+1 rule finds me thinking of a lighter road type bike.

    I find an FX 7.2 red colored bike on Craig's list for $295.00 If it is in good shape is this a good price?

    My riding would be recreational road/town riding with my wife. Then, some road riding with a couple of buddies on a 40 50 mile ride.

    Would it be better to wait and move up that Trek FX line?
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    What year and the condition of the bike? look up at for more info, must test ride first to make any further decision.
    2009 Trek FX 7.3

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