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    Suggest a hybrid to a newbie...

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and hybrids. I recently moved closer to work and have been using a clucker bike, but now I'm ready to get something that will fit my needs better. It will be my sole transportation to work (15 miles roundtrip) and around town; although I'd also like to also use it in some biking events (du). Today I test rode the Fuji Absolute 3.0, Specialized Vita, and Trek 7.2 FX. I'm on the fence as to which bike to purchase so I wanted some opinions from people that have riden any of these bikes.

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    When you are riding them - one of them should jump out at you as the best, and most comfortable one. That's the one you should buy!

    If you are still up in the air, ride more offerings.............

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