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    Bike Decision: 2011 Trek 7.2 FX vs Jamis Coda

    hey guys,

    I'm new to these forums but i've done some research and there have been a lot of discussions about these two bikes but I feel like it doesn't pertain to the 2011 versions. My main use for this bike would be to commute to work (only 2 miles each way) and to my girl's house (5-6 miles each way). But I also want to get involved in longer rides, there is a good 10-mile bike loop at my college, as well as weekly bike tours. Now on to the bikes!

    The Trek has seems to have better components since it has Alivio and the Jamis has Acera. But the Jamis has smaller tires (28c vs 35c) which I feel would make it faster than the Trek. One big difference between the bikes is that the Jamis has a steel frame while the Trek has an alpha-black aluminum frame. I'm not really sure how this will effect performance. Another big factor for me is price. I can get the Trek 7.2 at my hometown LBS for $489 and the Jamis Coda costs $550 everywhere I look. I'm not really sure which direction to go.

    P.S. - I have test rode the Coda and it felt great but I haven't test rode the 7.2 yet and I wont be able to until Thursday.

    Any advice you guys could give me would be great!
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    Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums!

    Tyres are consumables. At 4 miles per day, it will take you anywhere in the range of 400-1000 commuting days before you start changing tyres, depending on tyre quality and riding coditions. Factor in your non-commuting mileage, and it's even less than that. Personally I would not put tyre width very high in the list when making the decision.

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    It's really going to come down to how you feel riding the Trek vs the Jamis. They are both good bikes. I have the 7.2 FX and really enjoy it. I wanted to ride a Coda but none of the dealers here had any.

    Steel frames supposedly absorb more road vibration than aluminum, but given that the Trek has 35s and the Jamis 28s, that will probably cancel out any difference.

    If you think you will ever go on unpaved trails like crushed limestone then the Trek will have an advantage. Slick 28s will have a hard time working on anything other than pavement. On the other hand, if you'll never go off road at all then the Jamis could have a very slight speed advantage.

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