In the past year or two my parents have gotten back into riding bikes - at ages 70 and 71. Not being sure they'd stick with it, they bought a couple bikes on Craigslist. Mom is riding a heavy old steel three speed Schwinn, and Dad is on a reasonably decent Mongoose hybrid from the early 90's or so.

Yesterday they were at the LBS getting a wheel trued, and were looking at the new bikes. And Mom came back wanting a Globe Daily 2!

I know nothing about these bikes. BUT - it's M&D's 50th wedding anniversary in a month, and with my siblings we would like to surprise M&D with two nice new bikes. They really enjoy riding, they go three or four times a week here at home, and take their bikes to FL with them for a few months in the winter.

Any input on the Globe Daily 2 models is appreciated. Also - any input on similarly equipped / priced bikes as well.