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    Anyone see the Livestrong 9th District edition with a 1x9?

    Not sure if it should be classified as I hybrid, but it's not a SS either. I am seduced by it's black and yellow accents. Do I want a1x9? I often wonder why I have so many gears? I really one ride in one with an occasional shift to an easier gear to climb a random hill. I don't know if that makes it a better deal than the Livestrong 7.2? Less gears means less problems?

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    Hey I own a 7.2 and I find myself riding in one gear most of the time. When I face a hill, I just stay in that gear and climb it, I hardly ever shift gears. SOMETIMES I shift to a lower gear if I'm having an off day, or lazy.

    With that being said, I recently purchased a trek Soho S, single speed....I LOVE IT. Its really maintenance free, the bike is really light. I took it on a hill the other day and I find it was easier to climb up hill then on my 7.2...I guess its because there no derailer so the bike accelerates faster and its easier to pedal on the same gear ratio.

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