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    New Rider. 2012 Quick 4 for 467, should I do it.

    So I have a seasonal job at a store that sells bikes and can get most things for a good bit off retail. I am thinking of getting a quick 4, at a steal of 467 OTD, but I am not sure of the no name shimano components. Not like I am a hard core rider or even planning on hitting very many hills, I just want something low Maintence and durable.

    Additionally, are there any upgrades out of the box you all recommend?

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    MSRP is $700 so unquestionably this is a great deal, assuming it is the right size for you.

    If you aren't sure about the bike I am guessing that you work at REI or similar sports/outdoors retailer that has more than just bikes and your dept is something else. You will get more value out of your discount if you get a more expensive bike, but the Quick 4 is a decent starting bike. You will get better components as you move up.

    Maintenance and durability will not change much amongst these models. If you want to ride hard offroad, I would get a mountainbike rather than a Quick.

    Don't forget accessories. You will need a helmet, gloves and pump at a minimum. I would highly suggest cycling pants, a patch kit, at least one spare tube, inflator or frame pump, two bottle cages and bottles.

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