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Thread: Zeus hybrid

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    Zeus hybrid

    Hi there! Finally made an account after weeks of just browsing the forums!
    So I bought this bike a few weeks ago from the local flea market for 60. A "Zeus Flexium" with an aluminium frame and V brakes, in white/yellow/purple.
    First of all, can any one tell me about Zeus bikes as a company? I've never heard of them, and the internet has scarce knowledge on the make.
    Secondly, judging by my rather crude pictures, is the bike worth "doing up"? I need to replace both derailleurs, and I was thinking of adding drop bars, but given my limited budget I think that'd depends on whether I can find decent second hand brifters.
    So yes, any knowledge/advice would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to perusing the forums and commenting!
    Cheers, Dan

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    I,m sure I've seen classic and vintage road bikes from this brand and I'm sure there Italian but need to look for info myself. This bike actually looks quite good to me.

    I might get back with more info.
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    Nice looking Hybrid.

    Zeus is Spanish and I believe is currently marketed by Orbea.

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